Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey everyone!!

We had the BEST SUNDAY EVER yesterday!!!! We had 15 investigators in church!!!  15!!!! The whole week was super awesome. I have no idea why the Lord decided to bless us a TON, but He did. Holy cow. And also I have changes tomorrow... aah!  Anyways, so here are a few things that happened this week:

1. Familia Gutierrez!  So me and Hermana Hidalgo made a big plan last week of everything we were going to improve and change, because the past 2 Sundays we haven't had anyone at church. Part of this plan was to contact up a storm using the BOM ..and it really worked! We were just contacting and found an awesome family of 9!! They're really really poor, all 9 of them in a teeny shack, without running water or electricity. When we first found them only the mom and oldest daughter were there and were really cool and receptive. We returned later and the whole family was there, including the dad, and he wasn't too excited about us at first and had lots of excuses. But we taught the whole family a nice leccion and invited them to church. Both parents were really skeptical about going because so many churches about here are awful and charge lots of money at the door just to enter, or to have a prayer said for someone. The churches here are crazy. They're why the church grows so fast here he-he. But anyways, we explained how everything works at church and they were all really excited to go, even the dad! We were about to leave and he said, "I'm going to do what I can so I can go with y'all tomorrow".  AWESOME! On Sunday we went to pick them up. We brought breakfast and offered to help get everyone ready, and in the end the whole family came!! All 9 of them! It was the best feeling ever to see their whole family in the same row at church. Aah they're so awesome. 

2. El bolo Jorge! Among the many miracles we saw last week was a drunk guy named Jorge. He initially contacted us when we were out with a member. He was drunk and was telling us he wanted to change heis life and needed our help. Usually I just ignore the drunks because they're rude and say rude things to the weird looking white girl walking by (ME!), but the member we were with insisted that we go with him and help him. I was thinking, "Ugh, we don't teach drunks, they don't want anything ever, were wasting our time..." But you know, I have a whole lot to learn. We went and talked to him a bit and left him with a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and invited him to a weekly meeting the Priesthood has. We went the next day to take him to Priesthood, and he was kinda drunk, but we brought him anyways...The next day he came to a ward activity with a member, this time not drunk. I could hardly believe it. He also had read 2 pamphlets we had given him. The next day, Saturday, we bought him a white shirt and tie for Sunday and delivered them to him, and he still hadn't drunk anything. On Sunday he came to church with a member in his shirt and tie, and he had bathed and shaved a nasty beard he had going! Amazing! Aah so now were so excited about this guy! He still has a ways to go, but hes really trying! It was awesome in Sunday School when our recent convert, Julio Perez, who used to be a drunk also, shared his experience of turning his life around, and shared his hymn book with Jorge. You could tell that Jorge really felt support from everyone and it was awesome. I really hope he keeps it up. He reminds me of a scripture in Alma 31:5 (i think that talks about how the work of God has such power to change people, more power than anything else in the world. Its so true. I know that the scriptures and all the pamphlets we have have the propensity to change lives. 

3. DOMINGO!! This Sunday was seriously amazing. I just felt so good about all the hard work we did this week and about the people that the Lord has prepared to hear His Gospel. I cant really explain it. But it was one of those days where everything, everything I'm doing here, all the hard parts, was totally worth it. We saw so many little miracles this week, these were just a few. I'm a little bummed that I have changes and will be leaving this area now when we just found a ton of people, but I'm also happy that I'm "going out fighting", that my last Sunday here was our best. I'm excited to take all the ammo and the things that I've learned to my new area, wherever it is. I'm pretty sure to you guys I sound like one of those crazy missionaries who is obsessed with their mission...that is true...but I am just learning so much and its such a blessing to be a part, a little part, of people's lives changing. Aah what a blessing it is to be out here!

CHANGES!  I'm going to be somewhere temporary with someone temporary for only a week, and then next Wednesday I think I will start training. I don't know that for sure, but that's what Ive been told. Boy am I terrified. I'm trying not to think about it because I usually feel like I still need a trainer.Geez. So I'd appreciate y'alls prayers this week, so I don't die of stress and nerves. Ugh...

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. I know that we are here to learn to be more like Jesus, to follow his example. I love the Gospel and the happiness that it brings me, my family, and all the people I've met here in ward La Union. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Have an awesome week!

Love, Hermana Gilland

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