Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pray for Daniel and Nereyda's Upcoming Baptism


Well I hope every ones week has gone well. Ours is moving along slowly but surely. We have seen miracles with our family that's getting baptized this coming Friday! But I think they're using up all our miracles because everything else is a bit rough these days. But its OK! Here's what we did this week:

1. Daniel y Nereyda!  We are moving right along with these guys! Wow we have had some special little experiences with them. So I forget what I've written about them, but Daniel is kind of a spaz, and they both have the attention span of 7 year olds. But we have really tried to do everything possible to help them and are seeing them make changes in their lives. We have really really focused on them praying and reading the Book of Mormon as a couple every day. We made a big poster with calendars on it of July and August, and they stick on a sticker if they read :) they loved it. And they're doing it! Not every single day, but they're doing it and are seeing the blessings in their lives. And they are understanding that baptism is a big and important commitment. Wow. And the ward is getting all into this wedding. I'm only expecting about 40 people, but the ward keeps making things bigger and bigger and are making food and cake for over 100 people! Geez. Ha-ha whatever. I'm sure well hit the usual snags this week, but I have lots of faith that finally, after 2 years of investigating the church, Daniel and Nereyda will be married and baptized!!!!!

2. Other than that, I don't know what to tell y'all...we found some new people this week, but no one is super positive. But they have potential. We are planning a couple of activities for this week, a service activity and (maybe) a face painting booth type thing? I know, completely non gospel related, but last time when we passed out glasses of juice, the people just took them and ran for it; if we have face painting, the kids will whine until their parents bring them over, and then they'll have to talk to us for a minute or two, right? We'll see how it works out or what the rain decides to do. 

We are also really concerned because one of our mission focuses is raising the attendance in the wards, but our attendance is steadily dropping...we don't know why!! We visit lots of people of course, what is going on?! our 2nd week here the attendance was 99, and this past week it was 60! So we gotta figure something out on that fast before the ward just disappears all together. We are a little stressed but we really are working, I promise!!

Despite the challenges and the sweltering heat, I am so very grateful to be here as a missionary. I love the Gospel and I know that it can bless everyone. I am learning a lot here in Las Palmas. I hope that everyone has an excellent week!

Hermana Gilland

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