Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hermana Ingrid's Squirt of Lotion

Hey guys!!

Hope things are going alright back there in America. We had a pretty chill week, but here are a few highlights:

1. Battling the Pastores!  We are working right now in a little apartment complex-area, and we’ve found several families and people who are a bit interested. It’s kind of fun to me because we found out quickly that a lot of them go to the same Evangelica church, and right after the first time we went through the pastor was apparently going around and telling people to not listen to us. Ha-ha. We have arrived in good timing though because apparently a few months ago the church split up and there were a bunch of problems, and the new pastor is a guy who no one really trusts. So maybe, just maybe, some of these people are ready for the true gospel. Some people aren’t listening to us because of what their pastor said, but some tell us they don’t really care. Ha. It’s fun to be up against some pastors. I’m wondering if they’ll ever say anything to us or try to get us to leave. I guess it depends on if we have success there or not. It’s fun, I feel a little like Alma and Amulek, when they started working with the poor Zoramites. 

2. I just want to share a special experience I had yesterday with a member. There is this Hermana named Ingrid, she’s a sweet single mom of 3 wild kids, and her life is really hard. She works really hard, but has lots of setbacks. We like to go with her just to give her a boost and a quick break from the kids. Yesterday we shared a message with her, and she cried and seemed really sad, but with a small determination to keep going. She is a great example. Well, we were getting ready to go, and she told us to wait and went to go get something. She brought out a bottle of lotion, "fancy" lotion, and gave us each a big squirt. Let me just tell y’all, people don’t have nice extra things here. Her lotion is one of her very few luxuries, very few. She doesn’t buy makeup, or do anything with her hair. Her lotion is her one "feel pretty" thing that she has.  And she freely shared it with us. She didn’t have to do that. But she gave us some of the one nice thing she has to give. I learned a few good lessons from the squirt of lotion. One thing is that I really think I can understand a little bit better how Christ felt when he saw the widow give her two mites. She, like Ingrid, gave everything she had, freely. Wow. Another thing that I found interesting and special is that we can see in the New Testament various times when it mentions a woman anointing Christ’s feet with ointment, or pouring fancy oil over his head, things like that, and I just found it special that she was serving us kind of how other women have served the Savior. I don’t know if I’ve expressed the story very well, but it was a special moment that I had, rubbing in the lotion and thinking of the sacrifice of Hermana Ingrid for me. She was grateful to us for coming, and I was grateful for what she had taught us. She is a special single mom and I know that the Lord loves her so much, and was glad that we had visited her and brightened a dark day just a little. And then when we were about to leave, something sad happened. We had tried to bring the spirit into her home, but then as we were leaving, her uncle showed up, drunk and angry, and she started to cry again and told us that we had to go. It was a really sad moment to watch that happy moment we had had disappear, and I could tell that the evening was going to be hell for her. It broke my heart. We each gave her a big hug and we had to go. I prayed in my heart that somehow the Lord could be with her in this difficult evening, when no one else could be there with her. It was very sad. Sometimes the Lord asks us for everything, and then blesses us in ways that are hard to recognize but really are for our good. But I know that he loves us more than we can imagine. I’m really grateful for the things I’m learning here and for the examples of the faithful people, and so many faithful single moms that I’ve met here. 

Well, that’s pretty much all I got. I really appreciate all your support and prayers! I hope that y’all have a great week! I know that the church is true!!

Hermana Gilland

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