Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Update on the Family Milian

Hey everyone!!

So this week was pretty great! We are so excited because we had 4 people in church!!! Here is what we did this week:

1. 4 Investigators in church!!!  The 4 people we had were the wife of the family I mentioned last week, a guy named Carlos who came to conference a few weeks ago, and a lady named Mildrid and her daughter. We were really excited. We had a whole lot, like 12ish, people who were "maybe" going to come but who weren't like super positive, but all the ones we were really hoping for came.  They are all really special people and we are hoping to put some baptismal dates this week. 

2. Hermana Mildrid!  We have been teaching this lady for a few weeks, and sometimes her 2 daughters. She is just a really special lady. Another missionary met her at her work and gave us her phone number. She is really Evangelica, but we are seeing miracles with her. We always have really spiritual lessons with her, and last week, we went and talked a lot about how important it is to get an answer to the question "which church is the true church?" We ended our lesson and asked which one of us she wanted to pray, since she had said the opening prayer, but she said that she wanted to pray and said such a sweet prayer, pleading with the Lord for an answer to the question. After the prayer, we just sat in silence for a few moments, and then a wonderful feeling came over her, and she just told us how great she felt. And we asked her if she wanted to feel that feeling always, and she said yes, and we explained to her how she could, through baptism. She is just so sweet and we are so happy that she went to church. She is a really really special lady and the Lord loves her so much! Ahh what a privilege to know people like her. 
3. Update on the Family Milián:  Well, the wife went to church on Sunday with her little son. They are a really special family, and its just been really rough for them because they have been having really hard financial times. The husband had to work. We tried really hard to teach about the power of obedience and the importance of going to church on Sunday, but hes not quite there yet. The wife wanted to go to church but on Sunday morning was really worried about their financial troubles and wanted to go look for solutions instead of going to church, but we told her that shed be able to find help at the church and that shed feel better if she came with us, and so she did, and she talked to one of the members who is a doctor, about her kid who is sick, and then the bishop talked to her for a long time and is going to help her find a job. So she was so happy that she came with us, and we are excited to help them change their lives and hopefully get baptized in a few weeks. 

So that's pretty much what we've got going on these days here. Things are really looking up, we have lots of great people we are working with. I hope that y'all all have a great week and thank you all so much for your support!

Love, Hermana Gilland

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