Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Conference With Elder Garavet

Hey everyone!

As usual I hope everything is going well with everyone. I'm pretty sure Lindsey and Davey got married a few days ago...weird...and WHY did no one send me pictures?! Send me pics pronto. Anyways, we are doing really well here inReu and are getting lots done. Here's what we did:

1. 13 positive investigators right now!  So this Sunday we had 5 investigators at church today, so we were pleased. But what were really excited about is that we have a truckload of interested people that we are teaching! We don't know why, but the Lord just keeps digging up more interested people for us to teach. We are so happy and excited to keep working. We know that we really have to be good about using our time wisely and going the extra mile in everything. We still haveFamily Milian, and they couldn't come to church because he has classes on Sundays, but he has gotten permission to go to church like every other Sunday starting in a few weeks, so we are SUPER excited about them. They are talking about getting baptized and want to do it, so in just a few weeks they should be baptized. Oh I cant wait!! We have various other people who are all pretty positive, I cant write about them all. But we are just seeing miracles all the time. 

2. Conference with Elder Garavet.  We had a special conference with a General Authority, Elder Garavet, from Uruguay. It was really great, I really enjoy receiving instruction from such amazing people. He really made us want to work harder and get more done, use our time better. 

3. Service Projects!  We had lots of opportunities to do service this week! One of them was helping Family Milian clean out their backyard, which was full of old leaves and trash. We worked with the Elders and had a good time, and I was brought back to times working in my own backyard back in the day. 

4. Miracle of the week: Yesterday we saw another nice little miracle :) Hermana Crooks, an hermana in the zone who used to be in our area, told us to hunt down one of her old investigators that almost got baptized but never did. So that'swhat we did. We had some time on Sunday, so we went and asked around until we found her, and when we found her, she had clearly been crying. So we talked to her and helped her to feel better, and then asked what happened when she almost got baptized. She told us what had happened and that she still wanted to get baptized, and we taught her a little bit and set a goal date for her baptism! We are so happy to have found her and that Hermana Crooks told us to look for her. The lady, Sonia, is so grateful that we found her. Ahh. Awesome.

I know that this is the work of the Lord, and it is awesome. I really am enjoying being a missionary and learning so much here. I know that this is the true church. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is here on the Earth and can help EVERYONE!!! 

Have a great week and thanks for all the support!!

Love, Hermana Gilland

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