Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 Days Left in the CCM

Hola Familia and Friends!
You all are starting school! Crazy! Hillary, you need to write me and tell me all about byu! I better hear from you next week...
Life at the CCM has been good this week. I only have 5 days left here, and then its off to the real deal in Reu!!! Yay I'm so excited! Its great here, but 9 weeks of basically sitting on my bum has gotten old...I'm ready to go. I should be leaving Tuesday morning and probably taking a bus for like 5 hours out to the boonies of Guatemala! Wow! 
So this week we got to do 2 cool and real-ish missionary things. On Saturday we got to teach an inactive member. It was fun to teach someone real, not a fake teacher. It was a great experience testifying to him about things that we felt prompted to say. I loved it and it made me excited to get out there. Also, on Monday we went tracting again! It was a similar area as last time, really really poor. My companion didn't let me talk as much as I would have liked, she gets excited sometimes and goes off...but its OK because Ill be doing exactly what we did for the next 16 months of my life. It was great. I felt really comfortable with my Spanish, just having conversations with the people. Ive really been blessed with this Spanish stuff, and I'm really grateful. I'm so excited to be doing this for real in 5 days!!!!
My Latino district is great, I've really bonded with them and have gotten past the language/culture barrier. It is crazy to be in classes in Spanish all day long....
Well, that's pretty much all Ive been up to. I appreciate all of you and your prayers! I hope school goes well!!!
Love, Hermana Gilland

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