Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
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Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Baptisms and Hopefully 1 More Next Week

Hey everyone!

2ND to last email! OH MY! OK well this week went really well, here are a few highlights:

1. Baptisms!!!! On Saturday we had 2 baptisms! One was a niño, a grandson of a member. And the other was Abel!!!! Abel is the kid who has wanted to get baptized for months but his mom wouldn't give him permission, until now!!! Abel is such a great kid. We had a special lesson with him during the week to make sure he was ready for the pre-baptism interview, and when we talked about the Holy Ghost and what it is and how it feels and all that, he described it as a friend that's always with you. I just thought that was so sweet because we didn't teach him that or anything, that's really how he feels about the Holy Ghost. He is excited to go on a mission when he’s been a member for one year. He is doing this all on his own, without support of his family or anything, but the ward loves him, the whole ward was excited about his baptism. He was so happy at his service and he just knows that these things are right. His baptism really was one of the most special baptisms for me that I've been to. It’s such an honor to work with such special children of God who are so prepared. 

2. New positive investigators -- With the help of the ward missionaries, we are teaching some people who are super Evangelicos, but super positive. I haven't really actually taught that many Evangelicos because they always reject us, but these ones seem really prepared. When we ask if they've wondered why there are so many churches, they say they have, they always have, and they've always been looking for the answer and the true church. When we explain about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, they totally get it and want to read and ask God if it’s true. When we invite them to be baptized when they have an answer, they say they will. And we invited them to church and they came! We are really excited about them, and even though I won’t be around to see everything, I’d say they'll be getting baptized soon. We saw lots of little miracles this week with them and I hope that we can work with them this week and set a baptismal date with them. They're prepared! 

3. Well guys, I'm really hoping that next week, in my last email, I can write that my last baptism was a girl named Yury. Her husband is a member but his inactive, but we are reactivating him! They've gone to church now 4 times and she is totally totally ready, just nervous I think and not wanting to make the decision. But we are going to be working with them all week of course....They're a special family for us and I can really see the husband as a leader in the church someday. He’s got a whole lot to learn, and a whole lot to change, but I can picture it. 

Well, of course right now I've been reflecting a lot on the past year and a half, all I've learned and experienced and all the miracles that I've seen. I'm just really grateful for my Savior and the miracles He’s done in my life. Today we are having a special Hermana’s Conference with all the sisters in the mission, mostly because 5 of us are leaving next week, and President is talking a lot about our conversion and if we have really been converted or not here. I still have a really long ways to go, but I hope to always remember and put into practice what I've learned here. Ha, I've got one more week to go!  I'm grateful for the Gospel and for all that I have been given, and I know that this is the Lords church and His work. I hope everyone has a great week!!! Thanks for everything!

Hermana Gilland

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