Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Loving Area Mulua

Hey guys! 
 This week we kept ourselves very busy because there is so much to do here! It feels great to have tons of appointments every day. It's way different here in Mulua.  Here's what we did:

1. We are looking like crazy for new families to teach, and I just know that they're out there, but we haven't found them quite yet. But at least here people will let us teach them! We are doing everything we can think of and working our tails off, so I know that next week Ill have some cool families to write about. I love my comp because shes still new and full of energy, and is willing to work all day long. Its crazy because Ive never had such a desire to work hard in my whole mission (nunca he tenido tantas ganas de trabajar is what I wanna say) (not that I wasn't working before), but its getting hard because I'm just so exhausted! But it doesn't matter, we are going to work so hard to find these families!

We are kind of teaching about 6 partial families, but none of them really want anything, and its a bummer. We did have a little miracle on Sunday with one of them though. Familia Tiu -the husband is a member and the wife isn't but the husband has been inactive for like 9 years - we've been going with them trying to persuade them to go to church, but they always have excuses, and we went by where they live Sunday morning but to invite someone else to church, and we saw hno Tiu and he just took off without even saying hi to us, and I was like "ugh these partial families, we are done with these guys for sure. He just runs away from us!" Well later at church before sacrament meeting had started, guess who shows up...hno Tiu! What?! We still have no idea why he came, because he hadn't been in years. His family didn't come, but still, its a big step!  So who knows, maybe we can work with his wife now! I'm excited.

My comp is funny because, this being her first area, she doesn't know how good we've got it here as far as the awesome ward, friendly people who actually listen to us, always stuff to do here, and its funny to hear her complain (not that shes a complainer) about stuff here like "oh the ward missionaries don't  do anything" or "the ward leaders do such and such", etc, and I'm like ha! I haven't had a ward mission leader in months! This really is an awesome area and I hope to help the work right along here.

2. Just an exciting note, the kid that we baptized last week, Selvin, is awesome and already went with the youth to the temple! Isn't that great! And his new calling is ward missionary. This ward is so ridiculously put together.

3.   Well in other news, my comp cut my hair this morning. My hair was so long and gross it was driving me insane!! And its hard to wash such long hair in the bucket showers.  I knew that there was no hope in it turning out good, but its way better and I'm happy about it. I always just wear it up anyways. Also I'm still a little sick, I don't know but I think I might have a stomach infection. But its not really affecting anything so we will see how I continue. 

4. Pdays in San Felipe are a little different than in my other areas, because there is nothing fast food or nothing really at all here, so us 6 hermanas cooked and I learned how to make "tostones" fried squashed green platanos, food that one hermana from Nicaragua, and also my comp from Ecuador, eat in their homes. I love learning about all the different countries and foods and everything.

OK well that's about all I got for the moment. I love being a missionary and I really love working hard, its very satisfying, We are trying to work hard and smart here and I am really hoping to finish up well here. I love the gospel and want to always work hard in the church. There is so much we can do to build the Lords kingdom. I know that the atonement is real and its how we can change and become better and more likeChrist.I love telling people about it because its whats going to change their whole lives for the better. 

Have great week everyone!
Hermana Gilland

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