Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Prepared People Are Placed in Our Path

Hey there family and friends!!!

OK so this week was a little better, I think we are getting out of our slump slowly but surely. I felt like we had a few really good miracles and stories.Here's how our week went.

1. "I know the Lord provides a way..."  Well, I know that now. I tell y'all what, just because you're a missionary doesn't mean you do everything right and recognize perfectly the Lord's hand in all things. So earlier in the week we were praying before going to bed, my comp was offering the prayer, and while she was praying, an image of this little alleyway by our house came to my mind. The alley is blocked by a gate, so we can't just let ourselves in. I thought maybe we should go contact over there, but I had a big Laman and Lemuel moment, because we had already tried to contact over there and hadn't had any success getting through the gate. So I shrugged it off, because, shoot, how would we even get back there? Ha. But then a few days later it got to me, and I suggested we go try again by that alley. Sure enough, some guy was sitting out front and told us to go right in, no problem at all. I know the Lord provides a way, and He just wants me to obey. Turns out there are lots of friendly people back there, a few families. We have only taught a young girl back there so far, but several people seem interested. I have no idea what will happen back there, but I'm glad that eventually I stopped thinking that there was no way, when really, with a little help from the Lord, it was super easy. So that's kind of embarrassing, but I'm learning still.

2. Prepared people in our path:  Well, later in the week, me and my comp were sitting on a curb, trying to think of what to do because all our plans for the afternoon had fallen in about 45 minutes. We didn't really come up with anything, but stood up to wander around. My comp (who is a much better missionary than I), started talking through a window to a lady sitting in her living room. I noticed lots of religious stuff on the walls. We learned a little bit about her, that she just moved here from a far away city about 10 days ago with her 2 young sons, didn't have a job, and was super stressed. She let us in and we were able to share a message with her. Later that night she came with us to a ward activity. It was just a great experience that the Lord really does put people in our path, and we just have to open our mouths. I really hope to see this lady and her sons progress because she is so sweet, and feels so alone right now, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is exactly what she needs. I hope to have good news about her next week :)

3. This last story doesn't have such a happy ending. I've mentioned before our "eternal investigator" a husband of a lady in the ward who had been "investigating" for about a year. We go with them every once in a while still, because gosh dang-it he knows that its true and just wont do anything about it. Ugh! Anyways, so we had decided to share with him Mosiah 4:1-12 ish, with King Benjamin, which to me basically talks about the Lords plan for us, that we have to accept his atonement by being baptized, things like that. Its very nice, one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. We were reading it and I just felt something so powerful, so nice, so bonito. It was something that I wont ever forget. I don't know why I felt something so good right then. But man, it was great. We discussed the section a bit, and I just felt so happy. I was wondering if he was feeling what I was feeling. He asked some questions about king Benjamin and seemed interested in the chapter. So we asked him if he would read the whole speech by king Benjamin. Here's where things go bad.  This is what he tells me, he says, "well, Ive decided that if I'm going to learn all about all this, I should start from the beginning, which is the Bible, and right now I'm reading in Genesis, and after I read the Bible, Ill read the Book of Mormon." UGH I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO MAD IN A LESSON MY ENTIRE MISSION!! (I'm going to go on a little rant here) YOU ARE GOING TO SIT HERE, FEEL SOMETHING SO AMAZING, AND THEN SAY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO READ THE BOOK!!!??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? HOW MANY YEARS WILL IT TAKE TO FINISH THE WHOLE BIBLE?? HE DOESN'T EVEN READ EVERY DAY. We have explained a zillion times that the Book of Mormon is more important to read right now for him because its the proof of everything. No one is wondering if the Bible is true. Jeez. I am so ticked at this guy. I just sat there smoldering. I wanted to yell at him but I knew that wasn't right. But I was done talking to him man. My comp had to take over and finish the lesson because I was done. The rough part is that after the lesson we always play Uno and eat dinner with them. So I was making things really awkward -- no, HE was making it awkward. UGH. I beat him at uno though. I just cant believe that he is willing to deny everything, just because he doesn't want to be wrong. We have another lesson with them next week, I have no idea why. The sweet wife asked when we were coming back. I mean, there is nothing we can do for this guy! Maybe I will yell at him this week because its just ridiculous. UGH. Anyways, that's what happened with that. 

I feel like my testimony has really been strengthened this week. I just KNOW that the Gospel is true. It HAS to be. I know that Christ died for our sins and rose again. I love the Gospel with all my heart and cannot deny that it is true. I know that it is what everyone needs more than anything. It is the most valuable thing that I have. Have a fantastic week everyone and see y'all next week!

Love, Hermana Gilland

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