Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I am in a new area - Las Palmas

Hello guys!
It's almost the 4th of July in America!! America is awesome! Anyways, I hope every ones week went well. I had a wild week, and here is what happened:
1. Changes! Well, I finally had changes and am in my 3rd area "Las Palmas". It's the area right next to my old area, same zone and everything! In fact, if y'all remember that one weird week where I was in a random area with 3 other hermanas, that's where I am now. I was super sad to say goodbye to Hermana Schroeder, because she is super awesome and we have lots of fun, but I'll still get to see her every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so I think we'll survive.  My new companion is Hermana Laura Rosas from Guerrero Mexico. We are both new to the area and so its been kind of a struggle because all we've got are my vague memories of my week in the area from 5 months ago...we also have LOTS of help from a really awesome convert, Hermana Gaby. I'm sure Ill be writing more about her in the future. Shes been our tour guide here. We have one super awesome investigator, Wendy, who is scheduled to be baptized on the 7th, is Reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and doing everything we ask. Other than her though, we've got nothing. Its strange though, because my old area is just right here, a few blocks away, but the people here are way different. They are ateensy bit richer, maybe that's what it is, but they are all mean to us! It's a little crazy, I dunno what they think we are going to do to them.  I know there are special people here who are prepared to hear the Gospel, we just gotta find them. There seem to be some good members here, they'regiving us references, so something good will come up.
2. Last lesson with Marcela and Family:  Well, saying goodbye to my old area was a little sad. I was ready for a change, but I was very sad about leaving Marcela and of course bawled he-he. But we had a great lesson with her last Monday.We had taught them about Family Home Evening, and last week we assigned them to teach us the FHE lesson. Marcela was super excited and involved the whole family, cleaned up their little dirt floor shack, and it was so special. They taught just a little lesson to us, but they were so happy and did such a great job. I just LOVE them with all my heart. Saying goodbye was very sad, but she expressed to us how the Gospel had changed their lives and how happy they were now in the church.Hna.Schroeder tells me that they went to the activities this week, to church, and that Marcela was chatting lots with an investigator they had brought and later wanted to go visit her with the missionaries. They are just SO SPECIAL, I just don't know how we were so privileged to find them. Wow!!

Well, I don't have much else to say, but I'm really grateful to be here, and I love the Gospel. I know its true, I know that it can help everyone. I know that Christ is my Savior. Have a fantastic week everyone!!
Hermana Gilland

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