Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Kind of Parasite - LICE!

Hey guys!!!

Its my BIRTHDAY!!! Ya! My birthday is on a PDAY! How awesome is that? If you forgot to wish me happy birthday and would still like to, you can repent and email me next week :) Naw, just kidding, thanks for all the sweet emails! Y'all are great and I really appreciate your support.  So here is what we've been up to this week:

1. LICE!!! Aha! Yes. I had lice. If I lived in America, I wouldn't just announce this to everyone, but heck, its really funny so I had to tell y'all. So this is what happened with me and my lice: Last Monday morning I was brushing my hair, and I found a tiny bug in my hand. Oh no, what is this? But I just flicked it away and forgot about it. But then later that night when I was showering, guess what I found...another bug the same as the one I had found! I started to panic and looked for more in my head, and sure enough, there were several. Aha! I called Hermana Alston, the mission nurse (and now lice expert, from her own lice adventures on the mission) and she told me to buy 2 kinds of soap. One shampoo to kill all the lice and nits, and this other really weird black soap that looks like a cannon ball and smells like tar, to loosen up the little eggs, or something like that. So this week Ive been treating my lice, and I am now lice free (I'm pretty sure at least). I didn't have it very bad. My dear comp had the pleasure of picking the eggs out of my hair. I had to wash all my sheets and towels and all that, all at once, by hand of course, and that was kinda hard, but now I think I'm good. Ah!!!! It at least makes for a good story, right?  

2. CRAZY HERMANA BLANCA!  We have a baptism on Saturday! Its of a lady named Blanca who Ive mentioned before. Ohhh Blanca. This lady contacted us and told us right off that she wanted to be baptized and go to the Temple. Sweet! We have been teaching her and shes gone to church and now is ready to get baptized. Blanca is one of those older ladies who talks and talks and talks. Ha, she has told us some of the wildest stories. She has no family, and is very sick. She had diabetes and her feet are really messed up from it, shes lost a few toes and parts of her feet, so she cant really walk. She rents a spot on the dirt floor of a little shack, where she sleeps on a piece of cardboard, next to a drunk guy. She has a broken wheelchair and one crutch, someone stole the other crutch. And she doesn't really have clothes. She wants to wear pants to church instead of the shorts that she has, and has 2 pairs of pants that are way too small to button, but she wears them anyway, both at the same time, and they're always falling down. She has absolutely nothing at all. Nothing. But every time she gives a comment in a lesson, or in Sunday school (which is quite often), she talks about thanking God for everything that she has, the food, her life, her "health", her upcoming baptism. She doesn't have anything else, and she really doesn't have "health" in my opinion. But she just prays all the time and thanks our Heavenly Father for everything. Wow. I really need to be more like her. More grateful, more able to recognize my blessings, more satisfied with what the Lord gives me. Because He gives me a whole lot, a whole lot of blessings. And I need to be more grateful. A lot of people in the ward are against her baptism because she is really crazy and they think shes just getting baptized in order to receive help from the church. So we have had to fight a bit for her to get baptized. But she is seriously so excited to be baptized, shes telling everyone and inviting everyone! Ha she is awesome! I love her. 

That's pretty much all Ive got today. It was a good week and I am learning so much out here. Wednesday is approx. my halfway mark. Can y'all believe that!? I cant. Geez. I still have sooo much to learn! Missions are awesome and fun and hard, everyone should go on one, no matter what you've got going on in your life right now. I know with all my heart that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives, that it is how people can change and become better. I am so grateful for it in my life. I know that Christ lives. I love the Gospel!  Have a great week!!!

Love, Hermana Gilland

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