Beautiful Guatemala

Beautiful Guatemala
Me with a random field worker. I love the knife!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad! I cant believe it's Christmas on Sunday! What the?! Here's how this week went:

1. Isabel got baptized!! Isabel, the woman who had to quit smoking, successfully quit and was baptized on Saturday! Yay! It was great. She seemed really happy afterwords when everyone was welcoming her into the ward. She finally has the support that she needs, the church! And she also has the gift of the Holy Ghost now to comfort her even when things seem impossible in her life.  

2. Christmas banquet! We had our mission Christmas party/lunch thing today. It was really fun to get together as the whole mission. There was a variety show where several missionaries did dances or sung, and then a fancy lunch. Its been a really long time,since before I got here, that I've eaten a fancy meal. Ive forgotten some of my table manners, and I hardly knew what to do without a tortilla in my hand ha-ha. It was a really fun event and I'm grateful to everyone who worked hard to plan for it. 

3. My comp. Hermana Baca was sick a bunch this week, so I did divisions a few times with a 15 yr old girl in the ward. Kind of sketchy, right, but that's how we do it out here. Even though I felt bad that my comp was sick, it was a really good learning opportunity because everything was up to me in the lessons we taught. The pressure was on, and things turned out alright. I still have a whole lot I need to improve on, but its coming. It was a really nice chance to prove to myself that I really can do this mission thing, with lots of help from the Lord of course.  

4. I continue to see that as missionaries, we really don't have much to do with what happens with our investigators. Of course we always have to be working  hard, but so much of the changing in the investigators happens between the lessons. That's whats happening with familia Hernandez, a family we've been working with for a few weeks. The wife has always been pretty positive, but the husband wasn't so much until recently. I don'tknow what changed in him, but when the girl and I were having a lesson with him last week, he just talked about how good he felt at church, how hes been praying a lot, and how he wants to be baptized and doesn't want to wait! And that he wants to do this with his wife, as a family! Wow!That's music to a missionary's ears! I about fell off my bench again ha-ha. He wanted to be baptized this past weekend but had to go out of town for work, bummer. Were hoping they'll be baptized this Sunday! In Central America they celebrate Christmas on the 24th for some reason, so here it doesn't count as being on Christmas, but it would be a great Christmas present to me! Oh I hope things work out with them!!!  Also, we have another guy that might get baptized on the 23rd. Hes the boyfriend of a girl in the ward, and he doesn't live here so we never get to meet with him, my comp doesn't even know him. But his girlfriend told us on Sunday that he wants to be baptized on Friday. Sweet!! We're definitely hoping that these things work out, what an awesome Christmas week it would be!

I'm so grateful for the Gospel. I know that the true Gospel is on the Earth today. I know that it can change peoples lives. I have no idea how all that works. I have no idea how the Spirit can comfort people in the face of such hard trials, how it can help me to speak Spanish, how it can help me every day to be just a little bit better. I know that Christ lives. I know that He is our Savior and that He loves each of us so very much. I love the Gospel and I love being a missionary. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! 

Love, Hermana Gilland

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